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Thanks so much for the opportunity and hospitality. It was a lot of fun and we were very happy that we generated interest and contacts. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future. Your work with the 128 Innovation Capital Group really is a great help and support to the entrepreneurial community.

Bill Leak, Whipshotz
Piranha Pond Presenter, June 2013

The Piranaha Pond event at SNEEF has been one of our most successful events to date. It brought a diversity of startups, with founders who were able to get expert advice from a panel of seasoned investors and make connections. Likewise, the audience had the opportunity to learn about these startups and hear from the experts about how they can grow.

Diana Jennings, Chair, Board of Advisors
Southern New England Entrepreneurs Network (SNEEF)

Applicants & Presenters

At the Piranha Pond events, only 8 entrepreneurs are selected to present to the investor panel. There are others who have applied whose companies are exciting and innovative and deserving of investment. You can see them here.

Investor Participants

The investors who have participated at the Piranha Pond events give generously of their time and counsel. They are primarily Angel Investors or early stage Venture Capitalists. They help our entrepreneurs and our audience understand what they are seeking in a company before writing a check.

Past Event

February 27, 2014

Upcoming Events

Additional Piranha Pond events are scheduled for later this year:

April, 2014 at 128 Venture North in Salem, MA

June, 2014 in Waltham

July, 2014 in Hopkinton at TechSandBox

September, 2014 at SNEEF

December, 2014 in Waltham

Contact Info

The next

is scheduled for

Wednesday, April 30th from 7:30 - 10:00 AM at

128 Innovation Venture North

at the Hawthorne Hotel
18 Washington Square W, Salem, MA

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Applications to present at this event are currently being accepted.
Application deadline is 5 PM, Monday, April 21, 2014

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Apply to Present

Please note: There is a $50 application fee required in order to be considered. A selection committee will choose the top 8 applicants to present. The successful applicants will be deemed to have companies most likely to interest the investment panel. In the past, the successful companies have been beyond the idea stage, with a finished product and/or revenue or significant progress toward commercialization if a pharma, equipment or medical device company.

Investor Panel

Piranha Pond at 128 Venture North on April 30th, 2014

Rick Blume

Excel Medical Ventures

Ben Littauer

Boston Harbor Angels and Walnut Ventures

Catherine Mannick

Launchpad Venture Group

Richard Noyes

Launchpad Venture Group

Rick Blume has been financing companies in healthcare for over three decades. His early investment banking career involved financing and banking relationships with hospitals, payers, physicians, and new biotech companies. The excitement he saw at Genentech, in its early years, led him to transition into venture capital in the mid 1980's.  Rick co-founded CB Health Ventures in 1998 where he assembled what is now the core of Excel including Enrico Petrillo, M.D., Steve Gullans, PhD, and Tricia Moriarty.

Ben Littauer is an experienced technologist with business savvy and a track record of success. He has over 25 years’ experience in Internet technologies as an engineer, manager, entrepreneur, analyst, and management consultant. Previous employers include Cisco Systems, Tumbleweed Communications, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, ON Technology, Lotus Development, and BBN.

Catherine Mannick is General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer of AcadiaSoft, Inc., a financial services software company with operations in the US and Western Europe. Prior to joining AcadiaSoft, she served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Cole Management Incorporated, a fund that invested in Russian and other emerging market technology companies. .

Ms. Mannick is a member and Director of Launchpad Venture Group, a Boston area angel investing group. .

Mr. Noyes is a retired CFO, having recently worked for QinetiQ -NA a UK aerospace and defense firm. He has taught Corporate Finance at Bentley University, and provides part-time CFO services to emerging DoD consulting and manufacturing firms.

In each of his five prior venture funds Rick has followed the same successful strategy: invest broadly in healthcare across various sectors and stages and focus on businesses that lower costs and improve outcomes. By having savvy healthcare providers as limited partners and advisers, Rick has built up an extraordinary network to help with due diligence and market acceptance issues.
My investments - The core is around software plays of one sort or another - mobile payments and social marking figure heavily in my portfolio - but I've also got a couple of medical devices, hearing aid algorithms, pink bacterial fish food, and a brewery. My investments are all small: I lead with my mouth, not with my wallet. I'm a member of two angel groups, and also do an unhealthy amount of seed stage investing, often collaborating with other, similarly eccentric angels.

In all cases I'm betting on the entrepreneur first, and the idea second. .
I'm a member of Launchpad Venture Group, and do most of my angel investing through the Group. Launchpad targets innovative, tech-driven start-ups with significant market opportunities. See this link from the website for more detail: http://launchpadventuregroup.
com/ about
I also make some investments outside of Launchpad, usually companies that are earlier stage or in other sectors than those Launchpad targets (for example, I've invested in several fashion/e-commerce start-ups). My investment approach is to make smaller investments in a broad array of companies to keep my portfolio diverse.
Richard is interested in four business areas and has invested in a dozen or so startups:
Advanced technology for defense applications (Nanocomp and Systems and Technology Research)
Medical devices, IT and pharma (Precision Ventures, Setem,ZetroZ, UbiquiHealth, Avaxia, and Boston Heart Labs)
Internet and Mobile architecture (Pixability, Good and Mofuse)
Novel internet consumer retail (Drync, Punchbowl and JamHub)

My investments per round are in the $10-$25,000 area, with frequent participation in follow-on rounds